In Development

Kanji Wars

Kanji Wars is a game to help anyone study Japanese in a fun and addictive way. It is the first step towards a larger idea to bring learning of languages to anyone through fun and compelling game mechanics. Concept Art is provided by the very talented Oleg Beresnev, and music by the equally talented Chihiro Nao.

Secret Language Learning Project

We have another secret language learning project in the works. Watch this space!

Secret AR Installation

Boxes? Frames? Projectors? Tea? What is it? We are building a Secret AR Installation here at Nekologic. While we can’t reveal much at the moment, we promise it’s going to be a fantastic reality and digital merging experiment and a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

Previous Projects

One Piece 20th Anniversary AR App 

We made this app for the 20th Anniversary of  One Piece. It was distributed on the app store and can be used to see animations of the author signing one of several issues of the manga released around the time of the 20th Anniversary. It was built with Vuforia and Unity.

Secret VR Project

While we’d love to tell you about it, some things we’re just not allowed to talk about. We recently were hired in to deliver a Secret VR Project on time.

Manga Viewer and Game Player

We worked for a while on this app helping reimplement a new design and skin for the app and fixing up some issues

GPS Gameplay App

We developed out several of the UI screens on this Unity Mobile game as well as integrating in In App Purchases

Pitches and Prototypes



SKI-AR was a simple prototype to try and track lifts on a ski resort, as well as people and places of interest. It used AR-Kit on the front-end and deployd on the backend.

Snowy environments, large altitude differences and cold weather all provide a very challenging environment for AR. However we believe this is a great space to explore in the future.


Agriplay was a concept and piece of R+D we carried out to explore the ideas of gamifying farming.

The idea was to have a farm equipped with agricultural sensors, and have the farm generate its own events and publish them to a group with ownership over the farmland.

Owners would then be rewards coins for their labour contributions, and eventually rewarded fairly and in line with their individual contributions.

While the project never got funded, it does seem that the concept was taken further elsewhere in Japan. We had fun learning to use IoT equipment more and developing resources for the pitch


Halotrade uses the combined power of blockchain technology
and invoice financing to transform supply chain practices.
We did some of the initial mobile prototype development work for this project as well as some consultancy to help get things moving for this Barclays funded startup.

Pitch Work

We did some creative pitch work for an undisclosed large game publisher. The game idea involved location-based gameplay and the idea of taking over radio-station masts to expand the signal of your pirate radio station. We delivered the pitch as a pirate map, sealed with letter wax.