We believe that all skills can be learned by everyone, collaboratively, in a fast, entertaining and effective manner.


We create entertainment products that level up not just numbers, but level up your real-life skills.


We believe in the power of game mechanics and their capacity to motivate and compel players. We believe we can delight at the same time as educate and can make learning as fun as the most compelling video game


We believe cutting-edge technologies will change how we interact with the real-world and each other. We develop fun and interactive products that bridge this world with the digital and allow the learning of real-life skills


We believe in pushing ourselves and our craft and utilise the best in modern development practices and agile production techniques. We have experience with mobile, VR, blockchain, AR, IoT, web and much more

The Office

A view of Neko-Towers, where all the magic happens!


Liam Conroy

Liam Conroy was born in Liverpool, U.K. and is an experienced developer of 15 years. Having worked in the U.K. games industry for several years as a game designer (Guitar Hero IV/V, Split/Second), Liam came to Japan 9 years ago and rode the smartphone boom and setup as a freelance developer. In recent years his interests have moved into technologies that bridge the virtual and real divide, AR and game-assisted learning being of particular interest. Liam joined forces with Owen Bennett early 2017 and Nekologic was born. Nekologic likes to look at things differently, inquisitively and with eternal curiosity. Liam is fluent in Japanese, likes to play drums and enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his rescue-cats; Ada Lovelace and Bronski Junior, who most likely come from different dimensions.


Owen Bennett

Owen Bennett has been programming for over 30 years, professionally for nearly 20, and has worked on everything from banner ads to mobile games to multi year enterprise applications. After graduating from art school, he trained as a professional cocktail bartender before finding work as a software developer. He lived and worked in Brighton for a decade, then took a year off in the Yucatan with his family, eating chilaquiles and swimming in underwater caves, before settling in Japan two years ago. He joined forces with Liam in Kyoto shortly after arrival and brings his cool-calm experience and tea-drinking skills to the neko-ship. He speaks 4 languages, 3 of them very badly.


Lauren E Walker

Lauren E Walker (Lew) lends her talents and hilarity to our sound design and marketing departments. Lew, an Arkansas, US native, has been in Kyoto since the summer of 2017 and finds something new to love every day in this magical city. Lead singer for the indie-pop band Nice Legs (with bandmate Mark Lentz), Lew has a background in literature and non-profit management, and digs the new and exciting challenges that never cease to land at Nekologic’s door. She has toured around Asia and the US, released singles and EPs, worked on scoring Q-Games “Sticky Bodies”, as well as providing original music for the film “Best F(r)iends”. She has also won awards for screenwriting and short-film scoring, appeared on Korean TV and organised countless events in support of human rights and the arts. Most of all she hopes to work with you next!


Pablo Antoniadis

Pablo Antoniadis is a French student in computer science and data engineering at Ecole Centrale d’Electronique (ECE) in Paris.

He likes to replicate scientific research like “Conway’s Game of Life” and path findings algorithms such as Dijkstra algorithm or Bellman-Ford algorithm.

He likes to create art around his room with well-placed post-it notes. Sometimes he thinks that they might end up spilling out onto the street and adding to Paris’ street art. He also plays guitar and ukulele. Born in France into an Argentinian family, he can speak Spanish and French. In 2018 he also studied overseaes in Korea and now he is interning remotely for Nekologic and hopes to visit Kyoto once the corona limitations are lifted.


Aroni Hipperson

Aroni Hipperson has been pulling computers apart and putting them back together and making things work for the past twenty or so years. He tends towards design, web design and technical problem solving and builds a mean shelf. He landed in Japan in 2006 by a random throw of a dart and has called it home since. In those 14 years he’s done everything from working on farms and events organizing, through to travelling the length of Japan in a K-Truck and ran his own boardgame Eikaiwa. He loves following instructables to make everything from a joystick to an arcade machine. He also loves to jam and make music with others. If it wasn’t required to have an address here, he’d be living outside in the wilderness.


Martin Ogg

Martin Ogg is an experienced Software Developer of 15 years. At Nekologic, he has mostly worked as our “Dev Ops” guy, automating every project that stands still long enough in the increasing range of Nekologic’s projects. Due to spending most of his formative years alone in front of a computer, Martin has developed an ability to sit for hours straight working on frustrating little bugs that other people would give up on or ignore. This behaviour has left him with the ‘curse of the programmer’ — that is, no matter how many times Martin has tried to get out of programming, life has pulled him straight back in again. In his spare time, Martin enjoys being alone, silently judging people and occasionally people watching whilst drinking cheap coffee in McDonald’s and pretending to study Japanese. Martin welcomes all newcomers to this wonderful world and adventure of software development.



Regesh is a backend developer from Kathmandu who is currently studying his graduate degree in Kyoto. He has been coding in python since he entered the amazing world of Arch Linux 11 years ago (In binary). Before this, he worked in the mysterious world of wireless network design and troubleshooting, and IoT. At present he is working as a superstar intern at Nekologic developing top-secret internal applications and reminding himself to have fun with bugs and not with insects.


Akinori Tsurutani

Akinori Tsurutani hails from somewhere betwixt Kyoto and Nara. Although he is a citizen of Kyoto, he’s often misunderstood for a citizen of Nara Prefecture. He doesn’t care about it anymore.

Graduating from Data Science at Doshisha University, he happened to pass a test at a local government office that he casually took, and he ended up joining the ranks of Japan’s civil service and learning the intricacies of Japanese bureaucracy while engaging in childcare and tax work.

Tsurutani recently joined Nekologic, helping out with planning, production, business administration, financing and anything else that comes with the challenge of assisting a bunch of foreigners in a start-up in Japan. He is also studying a bit of law to become an administrative scrivener as well as learning programming. He plays a mean guitar and song writes for the band Loving Love.

This Could be You!

We are always on the lookout for talented, self-starting individuals. We work with a number of cool technologies and with a number of exciting clients. Get in touch with us if you are interested!

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