Welcome to our shiny blog!

Welcome to Nekologic. We are a handsome group of cat-loving creative technologists based out of Kyoto, Japan and this is our blog.

We will be using this to update you all on our cool and exciting developments that we have in the pipeline, as well as to post about our thoughts, ideas, machinations and everything else we have going on at the moment (which is a lot – so much that it’s hard to find time to write to all you lovely people. But we will!)

In the meantime, take a bit of time to have a look around our fine new site, in English or Japanese, to get a feel for what we are currently working on, as well as an idea of our capabilities and team. We have a lot of exciting announcements to make over the next few months, and lots of good things to chat about, from development, to music, to games, through to film, events, and even the very meaning of life itself (or, perhaps I just want to get a strong start to this first blog post, who knows?). Anyway, we have lots of exciting stuff we wish to talk about, and here is where a lot of that action will be. So, stay-tuned. Follow us on social media, talk to us. We like to do that – talking 🙂 Almost as much as we like making 🙂


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